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“Go Fleiter's 1951 PLYMOUTH Convertibile"

By:Go Fleiter

I wanted a US manufacturer automobile that would have enough space for my family (which would be 3 ladies and myself.) I also needed a lot of baggage room because holidays are important reason for wanting the classic car. After reading some German US-car magazines I decided that a Plymouth would fit my needs the best. In 1995 I found what I was looking for and I purchased it from Mr. Lothar Paukner who lived near Munich (München.) Mr. Paukner had imported the Plymouth from Mr. Donald Riemke of Long Beach California in 1992. Tracing back the history of the car, it was sold new in 1951 to Mr.Darl C. Hartson, Boulder, Colorado on Feb. 26th by Wittman Inc. Brighton Co, Dealer Code 05870
We made good use of it since purchasing it for the neighbourhood weekend trips or oldtimer meets. Whenever possible, we use it for our holiday trips. This old Plymouth has proven to be perfect for holliday travel and is a very dependable car as you can see from this list! This car has been all over Europe: 1995 Münsterland; 1996 Toscana, Italy; 1997 Ardennen, Belgium; 1997 Ticino and Zürich, Switzerland; 1998 Süd- Tirol, Italy; 1999 Alsace, France; 1999 Gardasee + Venedig + Milan, Italy; 2001 Portofino + Genua, Italy; 2002 Chiemsee GE + Saalbach, Austria; 2003 Gardasee + Verona + Siena, Italy; 2004 Sylt, Wismar, Germany; 2006 Domburg, Holland; 2007 Cote d´Azur, France; 2008 Rügen + Sylt, Germany; 2009 Domburg, Netherlands; 2010 Sylt, Germany

Place is:The Netherlands, Domburg, - - Summer of 2006: The nearest North sea coast placeis 2 ½ hours from our home. So we drive to Domburg often. Holland is windmills to control waterlevels, as a lot of the land behind the dunes and dikes is lower than the sea. Having forgotten my camera, I had to use a cardstock Kodak for this one.

Place is: France, Cannes, - - Summer 2007: In the background is Ritz – Carlton Hotel, of Hollywood stars fame. The Film Festival Hall is at a few steps. We had to prepare this shot very well, put a blue seat (foreground left) as stop sign and had only a couple of   seconds of time: French police is very fast!

Place is: Italy, Cernobbio / Como, Hotel Villa d´ Este, - - Summer 1996: Site of Villa d´Este Concours d´ Elegance and 2 minutes by feet to George Clooneys House, the guard opened the gate immediately for the classic car.

Place is: Sylt, (Lufthansa Magazin 06/2006), - - Summer 2004: Our Plymouth is one of 2 P23 convertibles in Germany known to me . It had been shown in nine other papers too.

Place is: Belgium, Ardennes, Spa Casino, - - Summer of 1997: Spa, of mineral water fame with similar weather. A mile from here we drove the Spa – Francorchamps Formula 1 race track, which is a federal highway  when there is no racing.


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